What is the RTS?

The RTS is the social radio of African music powered by MivaSocial, the African social network to thousands of Africans.

Mission and objective of the RTS

The RTS has to promote the creators of African media such as musicians, pastors, the actors, journalists and others in the world. The RTS has aimed to know African music through social and educational programming as well as the music.

Advantage of the RTS

  • Accessibility

    The RTS is portable. With the RTS Africans now have an online radio that can be heard all over the world.

  • Uniform integration

    The RTS is easily integrated into any web site through a simple embed code

  • Integration with MivaSocial

    The RTS integrates with MivaSocial, the largest African social network. This integration allows thousands of Africans on MivaSocial to listen to the Radio and automatically makes it one of the top African radios.

  • Visibility and Promotion

    The RTS allows artists and African creators of media to increase their visibility in the world. For example a musician or any individual or organization featured on the RTS enjoys high visibility.

Emissions of the RTS

  • Music, African news
  • Opinion and Discussions about African music
  • Feature & Interview of African musicians musicians
  • Interviews of organizations, artists & African personalities
  • Religious programming and pastoral
  • Programs for youth